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fawkes_ministry's Journal

Fawkes Ministry
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"The Ministry of Magic wishes you a pleasant day..."

About the Ministry

fawkes_ministry is the place to bring your comments about the structure and procedures of the community at large, as well as the central place to post hiatus notices if you need to take a break from your duties as a student. Additionally, if you should find yourself in need of a re-sort or desiring to re-enter the community after leaving, this is the place to post.

fawkes_ministry is a subcommunity of fawkes_reunion.

Rules Regarding Activity Requirements
You are required to cast 2 sorting votes per week. If for any reason, you are unable to fulfill this requirement, you should post a hiatus notice in fawkes_ministry At a minimum, that notice must contain your House and the beginning date of your hiatus. If you are able to include an ending date when you first post, that would be helpful.

You may choose to include your reason for absence in your post, but please remember that if you do not and you go on hiatus frequently that fellow community members may question your dedication. If you prefer, you may send your reasons to your Head of House privately.

When you return from hiatus, you should post the End Hiatus form.

Have a Question/Comment/Concern?
fawkes_ministry is also the place for you to post any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have about the community as a whole. You may also direct your comments to your Head of House if you do not wish to post them here. When posting your comment, please be as specific as possible to aid the Heads of Houses in addressing your comment.

Re-Sorting and Re-Entry Procedure
If you believe you have been sorted into the wrong house, you are allowed an appeal. Please wait at least one month after your initial sorting to give your house a chance. If you still feel you have been misplaced, then you may apply for a Re-Sort. Keep in mind that you must have good reasons to support your appeal - simply not liking your current house is not enough. When you post a Re-Sort request, please be as specific as possible using good examples as this will aid the Heads of Houses in coming to a decision. You may be asked to provide further information to help your case. Do NOT say where you think that you should belong. Simply say why you don't belong in the house you are in now.

If you have left the community for any reason, and your leaving circumstances change, we would love to have you back! We generally welcome back students who have left the community in good standing (not removed for bad behavior), but like to know what brings you back and any relevant circumstances to your participation in the community.

Forms For Use When Posting
Please use ONLY the following forms when posting in fawkes_ministry!

Begin Hiatus

End Hiatus




Leaving the Community

The Fawkes Network

fawkes_reunion is the main community, where Harry Potter based discussion and community announcements/babble will be posted.

fawkes_sorting is where all the sorting is done. The application is a time-honored form that just about every sorting community asks of prospective members. We strive to give you an interesting one that will both challeng you to seek within yourself for answers and will help us determine which of our six houses best suits you. Please try to answer the questions as accurately and completely as possible, as we want to put you in the house that best matches who you are.

fawkes_pitch is where you'll find all of the contests, games, and other activities that are being hosted by our main community. Participation is encouraged in order to earn points for your house, make friends, and hopefully have some fun! The specifics will change depending on the contests, make sure you read the posts carefully when a contest is set!

fawkes_cauldron is the place for you to discuss with your fellow members anything that does not relate to the world Harry Potter. Share your other interests, discuss current events, or bring up anything you wish to share with the members of the community.

fawkes_flourish is the place to show off your writing skills. Drabbles, longer fiction, and essays on a variety of topics will be found here. Write early and write often to earn your house points!

fawkes_blotts is where you may open up a graphics shops to display your talent as well as rake in galleons at the end of every week.

fawkes_ministry is the place to bring your comments about the structure and procedures of the community at large, as well as the central place to post hiatus notices if you need to take a break from your duties as a student.